Return to the Dream (2022) сборник [MP3] скачать торрент

Return to the Dream (2022) торрент
Название: Return to the Dream (2022)
Исполнитель: VA
Стиль: Blues, Lyric, Soul, Smooth
Год выпуска: 2022
Длительность: 08:02:39
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Bitrate: 320 Kbps

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Краткое содержание Трек-листа сборника:

Return To The Dream (121 файл)
mp3001. Lonnie Donegan - Lorelei.mp3 (4.8 Mb)
mp3002. Ethel Waters - Am I Blue.mp3 (7.53 Mb)
mp3003. Memphis Minnie - Please Don't Stop Him.mp3 (6.77 Mb)
mp3004. Lightnin’ Hopkins - Coffee For Mama.mp3 (8.32 Mb)
mp3005. Lucky Peterson - Tribute To The King.mp3 (18.25 Mb)
mp3006. Smokey Hogg - Believe I'll Change Towns.mp3 (5.63 Mb)
mp3007. Texas Alexander - Tell Me Woman Blues.mp3 (6.85 Mb)
mp3008. Eric Clapton - Long Distance Call.mp3 (8.72 Mb)
mp3009. George Jones - She's Lonesome Again.mp3 (5.04 Mb)
mp3010. Son Seals - Blue Shadows Falling.mp3 (14.67 Mb)
mp3011. Blind Boy Fuller - Stop Jivin Me Mama.mp3 (6.16 Mb)
mp3012. Mark Muleman Massey - Blues Shoes.mp3 (9.12 Mb)
mp3013. Marty Robbins - The Hand You're Holding Now.mp3 (7.24 Mb)
mp3014. Kathy Murray - It Hurts Me Too.mp3 (8.4 Mb)
mp3015. Johnny Drummer - My Woman My Money My Whiskey.mp3 (11.94 Mb)
mp3016. Ruth Etting - Out In The Cold Again.mp3 (6.56 Mb)
mp3017. Blind Blake - No Dough Blues.mp3 (7.15 Mb)
mp3018. Kevin Selfe - Virginia Farm.mp3 (9.34 Mb)
mp3019. Big Dave Mclean - Manitoba Mud.mp3 (11.79 Mb)
mp3020. Henry Gray Short Fuse - The Night Time.mp3 (6.99 Mb)
mp3021. Devon Gilfillian - Find A Light.mp3 (7.9 Mb)
mp3022. Blind Blake - You Gonna Quit Me Blues.mp3 (6.46 Mb)
mp3023. Ben Harper - Nothing At All.mp3 (8.39 Mb)
mp3024. Sir Douglas Quintet - Down On The Border.mp3 (8.55 Mb)
mp3025. Sam Moss - Talkers.mp3 (8.38 Mb)
mp3026. Kaz Hawkins - Don't Make Mama Cry.mp3 (11.72 Mb)
mp3027. Jim Jackson - Bootlegging Blues.mp3 (6.85 Mb)
mp3028. Duke Ellington - Memphis Blues.mp3 (9.94 Mb)
mp3029. Cary Morin - Endless Possibilities.mp3 (5.57 Mb)
mp3030. The Mighty Mike Schermer Band - Big Fine Girl.mp3 (9.71 Mb)
mp3031. Regina Carter - Zerapiky.mp3 (9.17 Mb)
mp3032. Pat Travers Band - Life In London.mp3 (10.71 Mb)
mp3033. Les Copeland - Winin Boy Blues.mp3 (8.05 Mb)
mp3034. The Joey Gilmore Band - This Time I'm Gone For Good.mp3 (10.56 Mb)
mp3035. Sam Moss - To Those Still At Sea.mp3 (6.76 Mb)
mp3036. Muddy Waters - Blow Wind Blow.mp3 (9.44 Mb)
mp3037. Low Society - Drowning Blues.mp3 (10.83 Mb)
mp3038. Grainne Duffy - Bring It All Together.mp3 (8.19 Mb)
mp3039. Delbert Mcclinton - I Want A Little Girl.mp3 (7.04 Mb)
mp3040. Damon Fowler - Some Things Change.mp3 (11.82 Mb)
mp3041. Bukka White - Shake 'em On Down.mp3 (8.12 Mb)
mp3042. Willie Kent - Troubles Troubles Troubles.mp3 (14.3 Mb)
mp3043. Tom Principato - Saturday Night Fish Fry.mp3 (11.83 Mb)
mp3044. The Hogtown Allstars - Subway Casanova.mp3 (8.37 Mb)
mp3045. The Black Stompers - Shiny Rain.mp3 (9.29 Mb)
mp3046. Rich Delgrosso - Hard To Live With.mp3 (17.08 Mb)
mp3047. Popa Chubby - Why You Wanna Make War.mp3 (7.99 Mb)
mp3048. Lee Fields And The Expressions - Will I Get Off Easy.mp3 (8.1 Mb)
mp3049. Kris Barras Band - Devil You Know.mp3 (8.11 Mb)
mp3050. Jason Rebello - Red Mary Janes.mp3 (8.43 Mb)
mp3051. Eric Bibb - Tell Yourself.mp3 (6.69 Mb)
mp3052. Downchild Blues Band - Oh Oh.mp3 (7.82 Mb)
mp3053. Theodis Ealey - Its A Real Good Thang.mp3 (12.11 Mb)
mp3054. Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip - Back To My Room.mp3 (6.95 Mb)
mp3055. Mark Muleman Massey - It Sure Aint Me.mp3 (7.32 Mb)
mp3056. Larry Garner - Dreaming Again.mp3 (10.24 Mb)
mp3057. Josh Smith - Rare Plus.mp3 (12.6 Mb)
mp3058. John Mayall - Chills And Thrills.mp3 (12.32 Mb)
mp3059. Fred Chapellier - Remnants.mp3 (9.43 Mb)
mp3060. Blind Boy Fuller - Boots And Shoes.mp3 (6.68 Mb)
mp3061. Big Poppa G - Tell Him How You Like It.mp3 (8.97 Mb)
mp3062. Beverly Guitar Watkins - Lonesome Widow Blues.mp3 (10.11 Mb)
mp3063. Van Morrison - Fodder For The Masses.mp3 (10.95 Mb)
mp3064. Thorbjшrn Risager - Burning Up.mp3 (9.73 Mb)
mp3065. Thomas Schoeffler Jr - Down By The Fever.mp3 (8.89 Mb)
mp3066. The Groundhogs - Music Is The Food Of Thought.mp3 (10.74 Mb)
mp3067. Memphis Minnie - Ice Man.mp3 (6.85 Mb)
mp3068. Matt Roehr - On My Own.mp3 (9.73 Mb)
mp3069. Julian Fauth - Tricks Aint Walkin.mp3 (10.99 Mb)
mp3070. Gov't Mule - Love Is A Mean Old World.mp3 (11.31 Mb)
mp3071. Davina And The Vagabonds - Little Miss Moonshine.mp3 (8.46 Mb)
mp3072. Billy T Band - Old Man Blues.mp3 (10.48 Mb)
mp3073. B.B. King - Bad Luck.mp3 (6.77 Mb)
mp3074. Andy Cohen - Road Be Kind.mp3 (6.4 Mb)
mp3075. Zora Young - Wang Dang Doodle.mp3 (12.27 Mb)
mp3076. United Steel Workers - Son Your Daddy Was Bad.mp3 (11.67 Mb)
mp3077. The Groundhogs - Natchez Burning.mp3 (11.2 Mb)
mp3078. Teeny Tucker - Daughter To The Blues.mp3 (11.41 Mb)
mp3079. Sonny Landreth - Mssippi Blues.mp3 (9.56 Mb)
mp3080. Shelley King - Hurricane Party.mp3 (6.91 Mb)
mp3081. Muddy Waters - Honey Bee.mp3 (7.78 Mb)
mp3082. Mr B - My Sunday Best.mp3 (14.45 Mb)
mp3083. Mighty Mike Schermer - Its A Pleasure.mp3 (7.57 Mb)
mp3084. Michael Jerome Browne - Skeletons.mp3 (9.79 Mb)
mp3085. Mary Lane - It Don't Make No Difference.mp3 (9.68 Mb)
mp3086. Lito Blues Band - Cold Shout.mp3 (11.42 Mb)
mp3087. Lindsay Beaver - Hesitate.mp3 (10.64 Mb)
mp3088. Leyla Mccalla - Far From Your Web.mp3 (5.67 Mb)
mp3089. Laurie Morvan - Stay With Me.mp3 (10.37 Mb)
mp3090. Kevin Breit - I Got Em Too.mp3 (5.73 Mb)
mp3091. Katie Knipp - Better Me.mp3 (9.4 Mb)
mp3092. Kat Riggins - Espresso.mp3 (8.28 Mb)
mp3093. Jorge Salan - The Thrill Is Gone.mp3 (13.25 Mb)
mp3094. Jonn Del Toro Richardson - Love If You Want It.mp3 (8.69 Mb)
mp3095. John The Conqueror - Waking Up To You.mp3 (5.67 Mb)
mp3096. John Lisi - Ill Make You An Offer.mp3 (7.17 Mb)
mp3097. Jimmy Thackery - Coffee And Chicken.mp3 (13.68 Mb)
mp3098. Jimmy Hall - Dream Release.mp3 (8.22 Mb)
mp3099. Grainne Duffy - Rockin Rollin Stone.mp3 (6.96 Mb)
mp3100. Eric Hughes Band - Icebox Blues.mp3 (6.84 Mb)
mp3101. Elmore James - Sunnyland.mp3 (7.55 Mb)
mp3102. Downchild - Somebody Lied.mp3 (14.1 Mb)
mp3103. Deb Ryder - Bring The Walls Down.mp3 (9.09 Mb)
mp3104. Dan Patlansky - Selfish Lover.mp3 (7.5 Mb)
mp3105. Casey Hensley - If I Pray.mp3 (9.2 Mb)
mp3106. Brad Stivers - Just A Memory.mp3 (4.91 Mb)
mp3107. Big Mouth - With A Friend.mp3 (7.89 Mb)
mp3108. Bey Paule Band - Right In Front Of You.mp3 (11.53 Mb)
mp3109. Bert Deivert - Mailman Blues.mp3 (9.97 Mb)
mp3110. Arsen Shomakhov - Sunset Beach.mp3 (7.44 Mb)
mp3111. Arsen Shomakhov - She Split.mp3 (6.02 Mb)
mp3112. Arsen Shomakhov - Howd You Learn To Shake It Like That.mp3 (10.17 Mb)
mp3113. Anson Funderburgh - Dont Want No Leftovers.mp3 (9.52 Mb)
mp3114. Andy T Band - Deep Inside.mp3 (8.13 Mb)
mp3115. Aj Ghent Band - Cant Be Your Dog.mp3 (15.23 Mb)
mp3116. Koko Taylor - Gonna Buy Me A Mule.mp3 (10.6 Mb)
mp3117. Gov't Mule - Hole In My Soul.mp3 (10.31 Mb)
mp3118. Son House - My Good Gal.mp3 (20.38 Mb)
mp3119. Ian Siegal, Jimmie Wood - Working On A Building.mp3 (13.83 Mb)
mp3120. Blind Boy Fuller - Worried And Evil Man Blues.mp3 (6.74 Mb)
jpgfolder.jpg (91.6 Kb)

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